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Rent It, Already! 2

The Issue 2

The Solution 2

Staying Afloat in A Sea of Listings 3

Adjusting Your Settings for Maximum Performance 4

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Rent It, Already!

Optimize your unit listing to attract your ideal travel nurse tenants

The Issue

As a property owner and the steward of your rental unit, you know the upsides of property ownership. Tax breaks… recurring income… the ability to leverage your assets to build real wealth. But you also know the burden of that responsibility. Maintenance. Upkeep costs. Insurance. Utilities. And the ever-present spectre of vacancy.

Ideally, the upsides will more than pay for the downsides. But it doesn’t always work that way.

If you own a rental that’s well-situated for travel nurses, vacancies sting even more. You’ve got the ideal location, unit size, furnishings, and amenities. So, when your listings at sites like Furnished Finder don’t perform, there’s the double-whammy of uncertainty. It’s bad enough that your listing isn’t working right now… but will it ever work again?

You’re sure that there are more leads out there. You know that thousands of traveling nurses rotate from one hospital to the next, all across the country, and you know that your property meets their needs exactly. But you’re not getting the leads you expect. You’ve listed your property on multiple listing sites… but… crickets.

Where is everybody?

The Solution

Chances are, your listing isn’t performing because you’re missing critical elements. You may have missed the details that aren’t obvious to you, but matter a whole lot to travel nurses. Yes, we know Furnished Finder can be a bit of a maze at times, and it’s hard to keep track of all the different choices, settings, options, checkboxes, radio boxes, you name it… And then there are the other platforms, where they do things a whole different way.

Who can understand it all?*

Well, we do. And while each platform will be a little different from the others, we can point you in the right direction for how to position your property in just the right way. In about an hour, we’ll teach you how to set yourself up for success, how to familiarize yourself with all those different settings, and how to tweak them for maximum Performance.

*Each platform is different, and we know how to make the most of them. For example, the calendars can be synced to avoid double bookings – but you have to know how (and where) to do it. If this sounds like a lot of hassle, we can help. Contact us, so we can get you set up.

Staying Afloat in A Sea of Listings

When it comes to advertising your rental to travel nurses and other medical professionals, you have a number of options:

  • Furnished Finder
  • AirBNB
  • VRBO
  • Medical Pro Lodging
  • NursesBNB

These are very well-known go-to destinations for medical pros who move around the country to take high-paying assignments for 13-26 weeks. Property owners frequently list on multiple sites, and the competition can be fierce. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, when there are over 100 options available to choose from. If your listing doesn’t stand out, you can end up like lots of websites on Google — just another “blip” on the radar that people scroll past while they search.

If only it were easier to create successful listings… But then everybody would be doing it! Frankly, you’re probably better off if everyone else is confused and making silly mistakes with their listings… while you have this inside information. That way, you can stand out from the crowd.

Remember, while you’re listing on different sites, and you’re renting to different nurses, you are basically renting to “the same person”, because all the nurses reaching out to you are looking for the same thing:

A comfortable, convenient, no-hassle place to safely rest and recuperate between their demanding shifts.

And when you target your listings to that type of renter, everything starts to fall into place.

Keep in mind: While sites like Furnished Finder, AirBNB, VRBO, Medical Pro Lodging, and NursesBNB can look very different on the surface, the principles of high-performance listings are the same, regardless of the platform. That means, you can do things in one way on Furnished Finder, and then do them the same way on NursesBNB (and the other sites), and have a high level of confidence that those techniques will make your property that much more attractive to travel nurses.

Adjusting Your Settings for Maximum Performance

Listing sites send you leads in your area. Want to increase your leads without draining your time and energy? Then adjust your settings for these components. (We’ll use Furnished Finder in this example)


Your dashboard on Furnished Finder is easy to navigate.


Here you can click to see all your tenant leads, as well as tenant messages.

Tenants are the lifeblood of your rental business, making sure your property is an investment, not an expense.

Tenant Leads shows you all the inquires about your rental. You can pick and choose from everyone who contacts you. And if you implement the changes we suggest, you may find this section of the site a lot more active.

Tenant Messages are where you communicate directly with potential and current tenants.

Edit Listing and Update Calendar are your “command center” where you keep your information current. We’ll be focusing on these two areas in this guide.

Property Contact Info

Your phone number is the lifeline of your rental. It brings you tenants, and it also keeps them happy. The nurse who’s considering your unit must be comfortable with the selected property, and he/she must know that they’ll be able to communicate with you, before and during their time with you.

Public display of your phone number is key. You want to be perceived as responsive and accessible.

Being able to receive SMS notifications is just as important, since this will alert you in real time about inquiries. The quicker you respond to nurses, the better your results.

Keep in mind you’re just one of many who are hosting medical professionals, so whoever reaches out to that nurse first could score the occupancy.

Plus, if you’re responsive before they rent from you, you’re sending the message that you’ll be responsive while they are your tenants, and that sets you apart from the competition. Need a better screen shot

Too many traveling nurses get “left in the lurch” by shady landlords who not only misrepresent their properties, but also abandon their tenants in their hour of need – after the money has changed hands, and the nurses are most vulnerable.

It may seem like a small thing, but you send an important message with a clearly visible phone number that will only help you find – and keep – good renters.

With Furnished Finder, especially, the host is on the hunt. So make sure you don’t miss any opportunities from SMS.

Note: If your schedule does not allow you ample time to manage your dashboard, consider a Property Manager.


‘There are three things that matter in property: location, location, location.’

– British Real Estate Tycoon Lord Harold Samuel

If you’re renting to healthcare professionals, you already know how important location is. In fact, one of the key selling points of your unit is its proximity to desired destinations: hospitals, restaurants, attractions, and more. After all, if your 1BR/1BA were halfway across town, and there were no public transit connecting it with the hospital(s), you’d probably be renting to a different clientele.

Nurses look for lodging that’s well situated to getting to and from their jobs each day with minimum hassle. They also look for safety and convenience to local activities and entertainment offerings.

Make sure the PIN location on your map is correct. It will just take extra time to explain where your unit is actually located, if it’s wrong. And then you may lose the nurse before you get a second chance.

In the case of Furnished Finder, the PIN marks the location that feeds into their listing system. It identifies and lists the closest hospitals in your area, which is critical for nurses deciding on where they’ll stay next.

On the Location page, you also need to make sure it’s clear whether you are subletting the property (as a standalone unit) or not (renting rooms). Do I understand this right?


Property Details

Be clear and detailed when adding property details. Nurses look for properties that let them live their lives in comfort and safety, while they’re working long shifts – possibly in an unfamiliar area.

At the bare minimum, the home should be fully furnished with utilities included. Minimum furniture is recommended to control cleaning and pests. Washer/dryer, WIFI and Smart TVs should be included. Nurses normally do not require cable TV.

Be specific about the number of bedrooms and baths. Each nurse will require their own bathroom, unless two nurses are traveling as a couple. In that case, they may be amenable to a 1 bedroom / 1.5 bath unit, but as a general rule, ensuring that each nurse has their own private bath will work in your favor.

For your minimum term, if you choose Monthly (Recommended), you will receive leads from all nurses who are traveling longer than that, so don’t limit yourself. You can pick and choose from among them.

Also record your rental license number (if your city requires it) on this page.


A word about pets:

50% of nurses travel with pets, typically small dogs, and sometimes cats. Is this correct? We recommend that you indicate pets are allowed, whether you intend to take pets or not. Why? Sometimes the nurse will leave the pet behind during a rotation, so they don’t need a pet-friendly unit. However, when searching on Furnished Finder, they may not change the filters when searching, so they would not see your property because the site thinks they are searching for a rental that allows pets.

Note: When your leads come to you, it will be for both with and without pets. You can then select whoever you wish. Just don’t limit yourself over this detail. Selecting “Pets Allowed” will open you up for all travelers to view.

The beauty of Furnished Finder is that the choice is yours to make.

If you are able to take pets, that could be another revenue source. You will take a non-refundable pet deposit, in addition to security deposit. This is standard, and nurses will be familiar with the practice.



Travel nurses spend months away from home, in cities they may not know at all. They’re tired after their shifts, and time off gives them much-needed opportunity to rest and recharge, before going back into their challenging work environment.

You can significantly improve your chances of renting by making sure that all the amenities, public transportation, and parking information is clear to your traveler.

Only check those amenities that you provide, and ensure that you’re providing all the essentials for comfortable, safe living. Your amenities will depend on your location, and the importance will vary, depending on the nurses. For individuals working double shifts, who are exhausted when they get home at night (or in the morning), a DVR or gym could be less valuable than a quiet environment. And even if you have Cable TV, it may never get used, if your unit is a just a place to eat, sleep, and refresh before going back to work.

Note: If you’re just getting started with your travel nurse rental, you can also use this list to gauge what you need for initial set-up.


A picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Photos are the nurse’s window into her world for the next three months, so make sure they showcase a real “sense of place”. Show all the important features of the unit, including appliances, furniture, living spaces, bathroom(s), and other details you feel are selling points. Avoid having valuables, heirlooms or anything sentimental; doing so can attract burglars looking for an easy target. If they know your unit is empty, and it has valuables stored in it, you could be “on their list” for an unwanted – and expensive – visit. Protect yourself and your property. Show the unit furnished only with what the nurse will need.

Photos can be professionally taken or taken from your cell phone. Just make sure your photos are crisp and appealing. If nurses can see themselves in your unit and get a feel for it in full detail, it can go a long way towards making up their minds in your favor.

Virtual staging is also an option, if you want to offer more detail. You can show what your unit will look like with someone living in it, versus an empty apartment with the bare minimum furniture and appliances. Virtual staging can be a great option, and it’s all done digitally, making it a convenient investment.

Remember, travel nurses are coming to your area to live, not just to work. So, include photos of nearby restaurants and things to do.



The Calendar shows when your unit is available, and it’s a critical piece of information for searchers.

Make sure your calendar is updated immediately following any new check-in or turnover. You want your property to be visible to travelers as soon as it becomes available. You also don’t want it to appear available, if it’s booked for the next three months.

If you have your property listed on other platforms, you will be able to sync the calendars in order to avoid double booking. You will sync your calendar with the app itself, not from within the listing websites.

There are several You Tube videos that will help. What videos are these? Let’s give people the links.


Be available – Enable SMS Notifications

Remember optimizing your listing(s) works best if you are attentive and respond quickly.

We highly recommend that you receive SMS notifications so you know the moment the requests come to your dashboard. You will be able to immediately respond to inquiries.

You’ll receive different kinds of notifications:

  • A Housing Request is a request entered into the system for any landlord to reply. Responding quickly and efficiently is key to making sure you stand out in the crowd and the nurse knows you’re a great candidate to rent from.
  • A Booking Inquiry is a nurse asking specifically about your property. Being immediately responsive is critical to being perceived as a responsible, respectful landlord who deserves their business.

Best Practice is to be able to answer either scenario as quickly as possible.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The Valuable Leads that Many Hosts Miss

View Unmatched Leads might not seem like a useful setting, but it can give you access to even more valuable leads.

When you turn this on, Furnished Finder will send you leads of nurses that may have a budget outside of what your home is listed for. Keep in mind, housing stipends and situations change, so you and traveler may be able to negotiate.

Don’t miss valuable leads (like other hosts) by not leveraging this setting.







Naming conventions for your unit

  • something descriptive (main selling points like “sanitized” or “light-filled” or “country retreat”)

  • the neighborhood name (if you’re in a neighborhood that’s in high demand)

  • hospital name (if you’re in an area with multiple hospitals)

  • a “nickname” that makes it attractive (“nest” “cozy”

  • show something meaningful (selling points – nice exterior shot if in a nice neighborhood, nice interior shot if the space is great)