For Medical Patients

figure pulling luggage with sunset

When you or someone you love is undergoing a medical procedure far from home, it can be a deeply distressful time. Not only are you concerned for their well-being, but your life is turned upside down. 

Many people choose to travel with their loved ones while they’re undergoing a prolonged procedure or a treatment. That means not only the patient’s life is affected, but the entire family’s life can be dramatically changed.

At Charm Star Housing Solutions, we know what that’s like. We’ve had to check into a hotel to be near a loved one in the hospital during a medical crisis, and we know how important it is to have all the right pieces in place to support the well-being of everyone involved.

Designed for Patients. Equipped for Caregivers.

Our spaces are specially designed to provide a calming, restful space where everyone can relax after a demanding day. 

Furnishings are chosen and rooms are decorated for maximum comfort and convenience, with bedroom doors that actually close for privacy and treatment follow-up. We provide ample organization space where you can store medications, supplies, and keep track of your treatment or medication schedules.

Many of our suites are accessible, so you can easily maneuver a wheelchair. And we also have suites on the same level as parking. That way, there’s no obstacle course of stairs and elevators to navigate. Just get out of the car and walk (or roll) to your home away from home.